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An audio pleasure class of its own:

This preamplifier employs two double-triodes of the type ECC83 and ECC81 per channel in the phono section, and one double triode of the 6SN7 type per channel in the line section. The circuit technology offers a number of advantages: low distortion without feedback; excellent linear frequency performance; and (for valves) a low output resistance. Passive RIAA feedback with selected 1% components. The external power supply avoids hum interference from the transformer. On the rear you have connections for Phono MM (plus MC on model P2c), 4 line inputs, Tape-Out (for a recording device) und Out.

For those interested in technical details:

external power supply; precision rotary switch for input selection; high quality motorized volume pot (24-position rotary switch at extra costs); passive RIAA correction; only one capacitor in the line signal path; amplification approx. 45 dB (sufficient for louder MC-pickups) for the phono section and 20 dB (10x) in the line section; short signal paths (all hand-wired with pure silver). The volume can be controlled by remote.

Model P2c comes with state of the art pure silver moving coil transformers. You have a choice of 2 models (1:10 and 1:20 covering the whole range of moving coil cartridges available).


Connections: excellent MM phono input (pure silver MC transformers in model P2c at extra costs) + 4 high level inputs, input impedance 47 KOhm II 100 pF (Phono), 100 KOhm (Line)
Amplification: 45 db (Phono) plus 20 dB (Line), maximum output > 10 Volts
Dimensions: 445 x 50 x 300, (W x H x D) in [mm] – Preamp
Case: black powder coated, steel base plate, the rest aluminium
Front: 4 mm, black or silver anodized, deep chromed at extra charge
The sound: not the lacklustre valve sound of the 50s but open, clear, dynamic with clean bass. Sensational musicality through the Phono input!
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