GRAHAM SLEE MC PHONO Stage REVELATION C + PSU-1 studio equipment

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Welcome to a new world of musical realism! The Revelation multi-equalisation format RIAA equalizer stages welcome you to that new world.

Available in moving magnet and moving coil versions, the Revelation M and Revelation C equalizer stages are the multi-format variants of the Reflex M and C phono stages — there is no difference except the additional record EQ switching.

They're a must for any serious record collector. It's quite amazing how they can make early LPs and 78 rpm records sound as tonally balanced and fresh as some of todays modern vinyl records.


Three 3-way switches provide a matrix of equalisation curves covering virtually all electric phonograph records ever released, including today's modern RIAA pressings.

See the different equalisation curves, the labels and years they were used, and you'll realise how special these multi-format phono stages are.

- optionally available with usual GREEN power supply: EURO 889.00 !



Equalisation settings for virtually all electric phonograph records

Revelation M for moving magnet/Revelation C for moving coil Rear mounted mono/stereo switch

Reflex flagship performance in RIAA mode

Fast-Active preamp and equalisation technology

Low latency EQ for reduced record noise annoyance

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