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Absolutely unique: the only dedicated entry-level MC phono stage in the world — the Gram Amp 3 'Fanfare' extracts more music from vinyl than you'd think possible for its price and beyond!

Completely redesigned in 2009, and as of September 2012 "V3" is housed in our own extruded aluminium slim-line enclosure.

It lifts the veil on the music, getting rid of the lumpy bass moving coil is often characterised with. The sound-stage is opened up separating instruments and vocals into their rightful sound-stage positions.


For low-output moving coil cartridges

Fast-Active preamp and equalisation technology

Inherent reduced vinyl click and pop characteristic

Rock steady sound stage Superb "3D" performance

Super-classic ground configuration

Can be upgraded by using a PSU1 unipolar power supply instead of the "green" switched mode unit supplied

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