THORENS TD 148 A FULL AUTOMATIC turntable incl. 2M BLUE studio exhibition

1,500.00 €
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The top of Thorens full automatic turntables The Thorens TD 148A sets the standard for high level full automatic turntables in the market in technology and design. A high quality plinth, a precise glass platter and the new tonearm which is derived from our High End TP 92 prove this.


Additionally there is still the classical belt drive, the very quiet running DC motor and a suspended “floating” chassis. 78 rpm are available for playing old shellac records. Instead of a fixed cable a pair of RCA Jacks allow usage of any cable you like for connecting the TD 148A to the amp. ORTOFON 2M BLUE cartridge is preinstalled.


Special Features :

Fully automatic turntable

Three speed design: 33,3/ 45/ 78 rpm

Polished precision belt

„floating“ Chassis

Glass platter with exact guide

Optimized tonearm


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