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The latest edition to the RPM range of turntables follows on from where the hugely popular Genie 3 left off. Utilising a range of innovative improvements over its predecessor, the RPM-1 Carbon stands out from the crowd with its stunning design, impeccable sound and affordable price. The new RPM-1 Carbon design has been upgraded to significantly reduce resonance across the turntable. While maintaining the instantly recognisable shape, this turntable boasts improvements in the tonearm, bearing, and motor.

The brand new tonearm is a carbon fibre/aluminium resin construct, made using special heat and pressure treatments. The result of this new design is a tonearm that is more solid and anti-resonant than ever before at this price, while maintaining a light weight. The arm is finished off with a pre-fitted Ortofon 2m Red cartridge and a new magnetic anti-skate mechanism. The improved counterweight also utilises TPE damping in the form of an anti-resonant ring around the fixing point. The completely decoupled motor is based upon the same design as the Xpression Carbon, powered by an AC generator that's connected to the new DC power supply. The inverted main bearing now utilises a ceramic ball, offering a more fluid and consistent platter rotation than ever before. Available in Red, White or Black high gloss finishes, the RPM-1 Carbon is a turntable package that offers truly phenomenal value for money.

Key Features:

Precision belt drive using synchronous motor Ultra-precision DC-driven AC generator motor power Inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball Platter made from MDF using felt mat

8,6” S-shaped tonearm made from carbon, aluminium, resin utilising special heat and pressure treatments

Magnetic anti-skating

Counterweight with TPE damping

3 high-gloss colours (black, red, white)


Technical Data:

Pre-Fitted Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red

Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM

Dust Cover: No (Optional Extra)

Motor Completely Decoupled: Yes

RCA Phono Sockets: Yes

S-Shaped Tonearm: Yes

Effective Tonearm Length: 8.6 " (218.5mm)

Effective Tonearm Mass: 13.5g

Overhang: 22mm

Tracking Force: 0 - 25mN

Speed Drift: ± 0.19%

Wow & Flutter: ± 0.13%

Signal to Noise: -70dB Platter Weight / Diameter: 1.6kg / 300mm

Power Supply Type: Outboard PSU 110-240V, 50Hz

Output Voltage: 15V / 500mA DC

Power Consumption: 5W Max. / <0.5W Standby

Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 110 x 350mm

Weight: 3.8kg


- with cartridge GRADO BLACK 3

- with platter weight Turntable Toys RC-103

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